Predictive Engine:

Our "predictive engine" is the heart of our predictive PLM framework. Predictive analytics is taking place in PLM - product lifecycle management. With this solutions, your company KNOW, before others do. Find more information on our corporate website

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PSI - predictive saving identifier

ERP / PDM Integration:

Our framework can be integrated into existing IT landscapes and act as supplement to existing PLM, ERP, PDM and CAD systems. With clearly specified interfaces, the predictive engine can be integrated in any system - and provides answers, to strategic questions of your company.

predictive Engine ERP PDM

CAD Integration:

CAD (Computer Aided Design) is part of each PLM system in mechanical engineering departments. The CostChecker act as a cost interface between CAD - and PLM-system. The CostChecker calculates the production cost of each new component in your material groups. Engineers need plausible, reliable cost information about the components they design.

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